The Grupo Mayo incorporated in 2001 to its existing line of manufactured products, the manufacturing of transformers, through the acquisition of Mayo Transformadores S.R.L, originating the Mayo Transformer division.

Mayo Transformadores SRL was founded in 1970, in the city of Rosario (Santa Fe Province) creating a manufacturing and mounting facility for the division. In Cordoba Capital, there is a second facility for the production of vats and accessories (boiler and metal work), and in the Industrial and Technological Park of the Villa Maria city (Cordoba Province), there is a third factory for the manufacturing of cores and transformer parts. In the city of Villa Nueva (Córdoba Province), there is the main warehouse for raw materials and finished products where they are stored prior to delivery to the costumer through the shipping and logistics division of the group. We also have other warehouses for finished products in the city of Cordoba, Rosario, y Paso de los Libres (Corrientes Province).

The manufacturing process of pole - mounting, distribution, integral filling, sub transmission and specialized transformers in tensions up to 35 KV are produced under the national (IRAM) and international (ANSI, IEC, etc) standards. The GRUPO CORPORATIVO MAYO works everyday in the development of new types of machines and prototypes with the purpose of expanding offerings in an increasingly demanding market

Mayo Transformadores considers it a priority to meet the needs of its customers and to provide continuing support for the manufactured products. These policies are complemented by its fast delivery service, maintenance and consulting on the correct storage conditions, installation, use, and proper protection of the transformers. We ensure that all products are free of PCB and provide official certificates, test protocols in the factory and a written warranty on each piece delivered.

Mayo Transformadores has been producing products since 1997 under ISO 9001 quality management system standards, allowing us continued advances in the manufacturing process and in the introduction of new designs.

In a modern laboratory all routine tests on finished units are performed, as well as the control of raw materials to be used
and the subsets produced during the manufacturing process

Investment Plant
Through a systematic investment plan, Grupo Mayo has incorporated technology and next-generation machines with the
objective to further increase the quality and productive capacity of their processes. Are aware of it the automatic coil
winding machine (made in Brazil), foil winding machine (made in Italy), Unicore machine (made in Australia), Step-lap core cutting line (made in Italy),
new drying oven for power transformers, gantry crane with 30 Ton capacity, among others.

The sum of a reliable brand, superior quality, a history of more than four decades and more than 60,000 transformers manufactured
to date along with the support of a leading business group in the market is equal to the perfect equation
between price, delivery, and quality that the market demands


Av. Carranza y 25 de Mayo (5903) Villa Nueva, Córdoba, Argentina

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