The Hardware Business Unit of the Grupo Corporativo Mayo is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of accessories, clamps and standardized materials for low, medium and high voltage lines. There, modern production processes and advanced technology ensure the quality, safety and reliability of each piece of manufactured material.

Our expert engineers are continually designing new parts, matrixes, and pre and post galvanizing processes; maintaining the highest standards of quality and design.

The production factory, located in the city of Cordoba, just meters from the Avenida Beltway and Route 36 (road to Rio Cuarto), has a large covered area for manufacturing, galvanizing and storage of raw materials and manufactured products. The factory is perfectly designed and adapted to new technologies, due to its total and recent restructuring and modernization

Manufactured and galvanized products

Flat Iron Washer and grower.
Iron arms.
Iron Bolts of 1/2 ", 5/8", 3/4 ".
Iron Bolts
Square plates
Crosses and iron brackets.
Canadian Crosses.
Anchor Hooks
Mooring clamps.
Pins with eyelet.
Midship with eyelet.

Midship straight.
Anchor bolt
Grounding Clamps (NC3).
Iron and bronze slab.
Support for the stairs.
Brake Plates.
Intermediate parts.
Grounding rods
Armor for grounding.
All kinds of clamps.
Hardware for preassembled line.
Material to order.


Av. Carranza y 25 de Mayo (5903) Villa Nueva, Córdoba, Argentina

International calls: 0054 353 4918601
Fax International: 0054 353 4918666


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