This division of Grupo Corporativo Mayo deals with the production of creosoted and salinized eucalyptus posts (Grandis and Saligna species) for electric and telephone lines. Additionally, we manufacture stakes, scissors and posts for fencing that are used in building vineyards, anti-hail covers, edge facing for fields, etc.

The post production and its derivative products are controlled from the moment the wood is in the field as a tree, till it is treated, sold, and delivered to our customers; this way ensures the highest quality standards.

The treated materials, creosote, and metallic oxide salts CCA (Chrome, Copper, and Arsenic) are carefully analyzed by sampling and reviewing quality certifications from the manufacturer before being stored in the deposit tanks and later placed in the autoclave.

All of the processes are continuously controlled and tested through studies carried out on the wood and on the treating liquids in our laboratories equipped with the latest technology. The studies are overseen by qualified staff and managed by forestry engineers who supervise the activities in the manufacturing plant.

All our posts are perfectly identified through rigorous control of traceability since they are cut in the forest before delivery to the customers. All posts are delivered with a non-scratch label on the top and base. This helps to avoid any natural tendency of the wood to split. Each post has an identification label in a perfectly visible place.

Certificates of analysis and compliance to the quality standards are provided.

Our own system of distribution and delivery consists of modern extensible truck units that ensure a fast delivery without any cost to any part of the country and our bordering neighbor countries.

Our experience in the business makes the Grupo Corporativo Mayo able to completely satisfy all our costumers' needs and expectations. .

At the moment, Grupo Corporativo Mayo has two treatment factories:

Plant 1
Paso de los Libres, (Corrientes)
Is located in Pasos de los Libres, (Corrientes Province), an excellent climate zone; good quality forest planted by producers, it produces 100% of the raw material (post and sub products)..

Area: 18 Ha.
Autoclave: 1 at 22.50 mts in length and 2 mts. Ø
Production capacity: 120,000 mts of treated wood in creosote or CCA per month.
Process: Vacuum - pressure.

Plant 2
Alto Alegre, (Córdoba)
Is located in Alto Alegre (Cordoba Province), a town near Villa Maria city, strategically located in the center of the country and near the mayor markets which allow us to quickly answer our client's requests.

Area: 10 ha.
Autoclave: 1 at 18.00 meters long and 1,30 mts Ø
Production capacity: 50,000 meters of treated wood in creosote or CCA per month.
Process: Vacuum - pressure

All the wood, creosote, and CCA quality control testing is performed in our own chemical analysis laboratory equipped with the latest generation instruments.


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