Logistics and Distribution to deliver "Just in Time" are the bases on which the Grupo Corporativo Mayo Transportation Division was formed and also to bring the full range of our own manufactured products or those sold to customers from Argentina and neighboring countries.

Our policy of permanent reinvestment allows us to have an infrastructure that no other company can offer.

Every day our fleet composed of heavy-duty trucks, semi-trailers, full-trailers, rockers, extensible and midsize utility trucks travel the routes of the country, reaching more distances and unexpected places. Nothing is too far away for us when we meet an agreement.

All units have permanent satellite tracking and GSM telephones to know precisely the place and state where your cargo is traveling to, thus being able to provide accurate information on the goods shipped and to tell the time the costumer will receive them.

All these actions are complemented with capable drivers. We have our own repair and maintenance shop as well as our own gas supply.

This is a service that we provide to our customers without any additional cost no matter how far or close from our warehouses you are, or how big or valuable the delivery, that is our commitment.We know how important it is that the order arrives on time, and if possible, in less time.

The electrical business requires that. A scheduled repair, building certificate or preventative maintenance many a times depends on our prompt arrival.

The challenge is to continue to invest and grow more organized accompanying the development of the other units of the Group and the largest volume of cargo to be transported.


Av. Carranza y 25 de Mayo (5903) Villa Nueva, Córdoba, Argentina

International calls: 0054 353 4918601
Fax International: 0054 353 4918666


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