The GRUPO MAYO, is integrated by five strategic business units, dealing with manufacturing and distribution of electrical equipment..

Meeting the needs of an increasing national and international market demand, the Grupo Corporativo Mayo has an adequate logistics structure, having offices in the cities of Villa Nueva - central office - Villa Maria and Cordoba (Cordoba Province), Rosario (Santa Fe Province), Paso de los Libres (Corrientes Province) and representative offices in Buenos Aires city and other strategic points of the country.

The main activities of the Group is the manufacture of:

Power transformers types pole - mounted, distribution, completely filled transformers, sub-transmission and specials transformers. The group supplies all national market and foreing customers. Transformers are manufactured under ISO 9001 quality standards.
Treating eucaliptus poles in creosote and CCA are produced under national and international quality standards. We have our own source of natural resources and a group of forest engineers that allow us to ensure the quality, speed, reliability and support of products.
Hardware, accessories, clamps, and standardized materials for low, medium, and high voltage lines. These products are produced according to IRAM, with modern production processes that guarantee the quality and reliability that each piece requires.
The Transport Division provides clients a quality and timely home delivery of materials marketed by the group. The coverage is national, covering the entire country, and internationally, to countries neighboring Argentina.
Grupo Corporativo Mayo has become a distributor of electrial materials to electric cooperatives, power companies, telephone companies, constructions companies and individuals in the guild. This is achieved by providing services through an agile and dynamic computerized system and supported by a permanent stock.
The Grupo Corporativo Mayo has positioned itself firmly in the electrical and electromechanical market. It relies on creative thinking and innovative actions, with an open and enterprising business philosophy. After more than 40 years of operation, it has consolidated an image of prestige and quality in the products and services provided by each of its business units.


Av. Carranza y 25 de Mayo (5903) Villa Nueva, Córdoba, Argentina

International calls: 0054 353 4918601
Fax International: 0054 353 4918666


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